Our Name

Enoem, the phonetical spelling of the abbreviation N.O.M which is short for Non Omnis Moriar. (Latin) "My work will live; literally, Not all of me will die" - Horace

Our Story

For over a decade we have consulted for, assisted in architecting solutions and lead Design Thinking/Ideation sessions spanning across verticals for a customer list that includes the Fortune 100, SMB’s as well as startups. We’ve been an integral part of the larger teams that have designed and developed some of the most cutting edge products being used today. We are actively engaged in projects and the design sessions that dictate the future roadmaps for some of the market's leading companies. We are a creative group, with human centered design and innovation at the core of our philosophy .

Our Approach

From our story you’ll find out some of what we’ve done and a little on how we've done it, but the why, our approach is what separates us from the next. Our end goal unlike the others, is not to confuse you with a prescriptive step by step design approach in order to ultimately sell you another one of our products. What we do is truly help you identify the problem you’re trying to solve, enhance your self awareness, equip you with the skillset to solve it and collaboratively work with you until it is solved. Our approach is holistic with focus on the human side of design. We are as honestly stated, the creative conduit, merely a channel for your own creativity to flow. Being creative is who we are, unlocking your creativity is what we do best.

Our Founder

Swalé Nuñez, a polymath and believer in the idea that greatness is within all. We are capable of being whoever or doing whatever with firmness of purpose.  With his own personal implementation of this way of thinking, he has designed solutions and created products that coincide with all his passions, spanning multiple fields of interest  that include technology, music, fashion, architecture etc. Swalé exemplifies the notion of living out your full potential and opposing society's automaton ideals. He is driven by his intrigue with the exploration of human creativity.

Our Lead Consultants

Rainey Shane pioneered the creation of SEAM, and the SEAM Certification™, to drive standards for addressing improvements in the areas of, human rights and social justice for the workforce on large scale labor projects. The creation of this nonprofit organization works hand in hand with her consulting work done in Social Sustainability practices (for businesses that include JLL, and their clients) and Adaptive Reuse practices. Her work as an outspoken and passionate champion for Social Impact and Adaptive Reuse issues has positioned Rainey as a sought-after speaker and instructor on topics of social impact and sustainability, equitable development, adaptive reuse, public-private partnerships, and economic development. Rainey’s work has been covered by media outlets such as Bisnow, the Puget Sound and Atlanta Business Chronicles, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Curbed and Atlanta Intown.

Jamal M. Wilson graduated Amherst College with a pre-law degree and played professional basketball both domestically and abroad for 5 years. When he retired from pro basketball, Jamal created One Market Realty, an investment real estate firm. Between 2006 and 2012 he expanded the brand with 2 more companies under the One Market umbrella: Leverage Financial mortgage bank and HLA title company. He sold all 3 companies in 2013 to an established local credit union and proceeded to create The Hall. The Hall (a unique dining experience) was the first food Hall in Tampa Bay, Florida and the first premium full-service food hall in the country. Jamal's next project, The Hall on The Yard opened in November 2021, employs over 80 staff and has been named one of the top ten eateries in Orlando.

His expertise lies in brand development, management, and protection. He is also a proven expert in internal infrastructure development and supply chain management with functional and logistic relationships in China, Mexico and Vietnam.

Kass Dawson is a lifelong marketer and business strategist who has helped build brands and deliver business objectives at every stopthroughtout his career. He has worked directly for (or consulted with) global brands including Mercedes-Benz, Facebook, and SoftBank on numerous brand development initiatives and marketing programs. From launching brands or products, to identifying and targeting new prospect demographics, he helps brands find new and creative ways to define and outperform objectives while increasing year over year sales and revenue generation. As a proven brand custodian, Kass has been a staunch defender of the brands he has helped build and maintain through brand & product marketing, customer advocacy & success initiatives, as well as brand protection programs for both regional and global impact.