Design Workshops

Our full day workshops are products that were designed then curated based on years of research understanding human psychology and studying the art of design. The investigative research unearthed flaws in the current design thinking model and revealed the reasons for the inadequacies. These workshops not only address them but do so in a way that forces a shift in the paradigm and helps pioneer a better process.  The resulting human centered, avant- garde approach of mastering design has proven to be disruptively effective.  The Workshops are structured to start off with self awareness as its focal point, then takes the participants on a journey that stimulates creativity, hones in on their design skills and ultimately demonstrates their ability to innovate.

Unlocking Creativity: Priming for the onset of design.

The exploration of the idea that if we focus on the 5 senses together and in isolation you can then recognize and refine your sixth sense, intuition. The epitome of creativity is when it functions intuitively.

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Decoding Design: Interpreting the language of innovation

Design is the precursor to innovation and at its simplest it is establishing a relationship and then a connection to the people you are solving a problem for.  When you prioritize the human needs, design can be overwhelmingly powerful and revolutionary.

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